Kurs i Självutveckling

Are you longing for a change in how you relate to your self and others?
Do you work more than you want to?
Do you find yourself saying yes when you actually want to say no?
Do you eat more than you planned to or have a hard time saying no to sugar?
Do you drink a glass or three more of that wine instead of one?
Do you find yourself in relationships that aren’t co-creative?
Do you focus more on others needs than your own?
Do you work with people in need of support regarding the above issues?
Then this weekend workshop is for you!
This weekend Led by Debra Laughlin, international teacher, ceremonialist and specialist in addictive patterns and recovery on the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path will support you to look into old patterns and belief systems that no longer work. Through ancient and timely knowledge we will explore how we can choose co-empowerment instead of co-dependency. Sobriety instead of addictiveness.
During this weekend we will shine a light on our
self sabotaging
patterns and open up to a deeper level of worthiness in our lives. Worthiness is seen in how we walk, how we carry ourselves, how we engage with those we love, work with and relate to in all ways in our life.
You are worth true worthiness!
Stockholm 26-28 April
Saturday 10.00-18.00
Sunday 10.00- 17.00
Cost 3500 SEK
For more info and to register contact Cosma Gill